Grandma had given me & my younger brothers all yo-yo’s for Christmas when we were little kids. We had fun for awhile moving the hard piece of plastic up and down the string.
But like alot of toys, the yo-yo became boring. I don’t remember playing with it much after the next year. I think Dad had the most fun with them.
Watching life, hanging from a string going up and down, and swinging all around, until you feel like you’re out of control

Yo-yo diets are a cycle of short term changes which result in short term results..your energy levels can be affected, sleep becomes disrupted and you create an imbalance in your body. In the end, you will probably end up weighing more then you did when you started.
How do I know this? Because years ago when I first started on a website called “Sparkpeople”, I weighed about 40-50 pounds less then I weigh today. In an old blog from May 2009, I was excited about finally fitting into Jean’s that were a size 14. Today in 2019, most of my pants are a size 18. I joined a challenge group that started last weekend and my weight is still bouncing all over the scales. In the last 6 days the numbers have gone down (on Monday) and back up (late Thursday) just like a yo-yo. As usual I got excited when the scale said I lost a couple pounds and get so frustrated when it says I gained back a few pounds. It’s a vicious maddening cycle.

All I can think of is an old TV commercial… Calgon, take me away. I just want this dieting madness to stop. I don’t want to keep gaining weight as I already weigh more than I have before. At the rate I am going I will be to fat to fit on the plane when I fly back East for my son’s wedding next September.

I will just continue to add weightloss to the list of many things that I am a failure at. If I had the money and could afford time off work (without losing my employee housing) I would definitely sign up for liposuction, a tummy tuck and/or any other weight loss surgery faster then you could switch to another website right now.