For some dumb reason the Southern California Edison Company has decided to turn our power off today for 13 hours, so they can do maintenance. How many times in one season does an electric company really need to do maintenance? Well let’s just say that I ain’t looking forward to work today.

I was going to do laundry last night but I fell asleep instead.

I am up early this make sure I get my shower and breakfast before electricity goes out at 6am. Gonna go make myself an omelette. It turned out to be more like scrambled eggs with mushrooms & onions and a little shredded cheese melted over the top. Luckily the stove in my community kitchen has a gas stove so I should be able to reheat some of yesterday’s soup before I go into work later.

Soon I won’t even be able to play candy crush on my tablet or read any of my e-books.
I will be able to do yoga in my room though. Don’t need electricity for that.
I can still sit outside to watch the birds fight over the trash bins..birds don’t care if we have electricity or not.

Ok, 1 hour and 20 minutes to go before “lights out”…need to find the batteries for my fan. No way do I want to stand inside the store without a fan. Soo glad I bought this fan before I arrived 16 months ago.