Why one short old lady thought she needed such a big bed in a shared dorm room is beyond me. We have couples in other rooms that had to push 2 twin beds together, just so they could sleep near their significant other, because they didn’t have a bigger bed. While this lady slept alone in a bigger bed. Never seemed very fair or logical to me.

Pathway through her stuff leading towards the bathroom and community kitchen.

This was from when she was packing up her things, so she could go home to Texas. She filled her jeep with stuff to leave with a friend in Beatty Nevada, and she crammed her jeep with stuff to take home. She still has a closet full of stuff that she left behind.

She had told me that she would be gone anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months. I guess she thought that her job would be here whenever she came back. She was only leaving to go home and take care of a sick family member and planned on coming back when the family member was well again.

Earlier this week, when the general manager told me that he was going to officially terminate her, he also said that I could finally get her big bed switched out for the normal sized twin bed.


Anyways I wasn’t waiting any longer..I dragged that bed outside by myself the next morning. That was Thursday morning. By Friday night my left leg was hurting so bad. I guess it’s a delayed reaction to moving furniture around. Woke up Saturday and I am having a hard time walking around. Somehow I will have to get through work tonight. Glad I have tomorrow off. Actually I need to spend tomorrow cleaning.. finishing up rearranging my stuff in the room. I have a feeling that I will be getting a new roommate soon, and want all my stuff organized before any new roommate comes in.

But for now, I am loving the open space in the room. If my yoga mat would ever get delivered in the mail I could have my own yoga studio here. Compared to before I feel like I am living in a minimalist environment, and loving it.