If you read my last blog..you know that my last roommate had a bunch of stuff crammed into our shared dorm room.

That is what her part of the room looks like this morning. Yes there is now a smaller bed, which gives more open space in the room. Now where the hell is that yoga mat I ordered online?

The closet without a door is some of the stuff that the ex-roomie left behind. She has more stuff in her kitchen closet.

That’s my closet this morning. That shelf above the hanging shirts is my stuff for laundry..laundry soap, dryer sheets that I hardly ever use, and a lint brush. The dress hanging outside of the closet is for Halloween. My Halloween makeup is in the purple bag.

At the moment that I took these pics, my own bed has a bunch of stuff piled onto it. I need to go through it all when I return from my weekend in Beatty.

I always feel admiration for people who live a minimalist uncluttered lifestyle, but seem to have a hard time living in such a way. Sure I can travel around the country with a backpack and small suitcase, but once I get settled in somewhere I start shopping again.

I usually like year-round jobs, because I can stay or leave on my own schedule. If I don’t want to throw stuff out, just to buy it again at the next working location then I don’t have to. Traveling as a minimalist (for me anyways) means that I waste alot of money buying things that I had just gotten rid of.

Well for today, it’s time to see what exciting thing is going on around Beatty. It was 48 degrees when I woke up…warming up now. I am still sore from yesterday’s walk, so not sure how much walking I will do today.