I keep going back and forth about money. I know that I need money for a new camera for when I fly back East for my son’s wedding next September. My mind is made up with that. But that’s about the only thing that I am 100% sure of.


plane ticket

Hotel..food..transportation around Maine



#1 spend money to change driver’s license and fix car and make it legal.

#2 forget car…clean it out and sell it and save the money


#1 stay in Death Valley and continue working at Stovepipe Wells, after son’s wedding. Obviously I can live here without a car, but a working car would be nice to have (just not required).

#2 move to Beatty Nevada and try again for disability. I would need a car for this. Not explaining this now.

Why do I have such a hard time making up my mind about anything? Well no matter what I choose..I still need to declutter some stuff. Maybe that’s why I have a hard time choosing what to do. If I don’t make a definite decision on anything, then I don’t need to take any action to move forward.


I am about to go crazy from my lack of organization skills. I really wish I could just wave a magic wand around and have the laundry put away, the trash taken out, paperwork filed neatly where I can find it when I need it, and all kitchen supplies organized. But I ain’t from “Bewitched” or “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”.

Maybe if I just try organizing one box or one drawer every day until it’s all done. Whatever doesn’t fit into its designated box or drawer must automatically get thrown out. I hate junk drawers..because they just become a “catch-all” to empty your pockets/purse into. Junk drawers are for stuff that you are to lazy and to tired to put away properly. And somehow I ended up with 3 junk drawers. I think for my weekend (Friday and Saturday) I should stay home and clean those out.