Another month is gone, wow October went by quick.

The picture with white shirt and suspenders was from 2018. The close-up pic in black was from last night at work. Next year I will have a totally different costume…thinking either a witch or re-doing a costume I had done in high school. Seeing as I don’t plan on using this costume again, I might pass it onto my grandkids next year when I fly East for the wedding.

This year, the newest retail cashier decided to join me in dressing up for Halloween. Nena used to work in Panamint Springs Resort..the small business about half hour north of Stovepipe Wells.

This is Kaylei..I guess she was supposed to be from some slasher murder show. She recently moved up to Beatty Nevada, so she picked up a bunch of candy at the family dollar store to pass out to customers. The candy that was left over, I took to our EDR this morning.

Our guests from France seemed to love the costume the most. Well they seemed to be the ones taking the most pictures of me yesterday. I had to laugh when even our general manager came into the store and took my picture.

The sweet little witch above is one of my younger granddaughters. Her dad posted it on Facebook so I snagged the picture to share here. I haven’t noticed any pictures of the other grandkids yet, so I have no idea what they did for the holiday.

Well we are now into November. Time for the dumb ritual of turning clocks back an hour on Saturday night/ Sunday morning at 2am. Oh why can’t every state be like Arizona and Hawaii…and leave the clocks alone.

November is for food, no costumes from me this month. But I need to go shopping because I plan on making green bean casserole and turkey with homemade stuffing. Technically I can make green bean casserole anytime, but it’s one of my favorite side dishes on Thanksgiving. Just fill my plate with 4 things: yams or sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, Turkey and pumpkin pie then my Thanksgiving holiday will be complete.