This has to maybe be one of my least favorite mornings of the year. According to Fitbit I fell asleep around 11pm and woke up before 4am.

My Fitbit and my tablet change their clock automatically, so Fitbit recorded sleep from 1am-2am twice last night (I think). Technically time changed at when that time arrived it just goes back to 1am and restarts that hour.

Only problem with that is my body didn’t make that first hour disappear. I wake up stiff and sore when I lay down for to long. Yes I change positions and yes I have extra pillows..but don’t always use them under knees. So laying in bed over 5 hours is a pain.

I still don’t go into work until 2pm and will probably get home around 11pm. My body/brain will be thinking its midnight. Yeah everyone complains about the mornings when they have to change clocks. Well let me tell you, nights are not great on the day we change time either.
I pity my neighbor who works the graveyard shift, as an accountant for our company. He goes into work at 11pm and clocks out at 7:30am. So did he work 8 or 9 hours last night?

Found that article online yesterday…just one of many things Trump wanted to change. Obviously he didn’t change this because my day is still messed up.