Well I had to email the general manager and the supervisor of the maintenance department yesterday morning and remind them that if they really planned on giving me a new roommate later in the day, then they needed to get my old roommate’s stuff out first.

2 maintenance guys came by soon after the emails (with pictures) went out. They left me the old roommate’s refrigerator because they had no place to store it. YEE-HAW!

Jasmin moved in while I was at work. She had worked here before as a server, so I was used to seeing her around. She plans on staying here till May when she will return to Lassen National Park in Northern California. Our company runs concessions in both parks. The company also runs stores and restaurants in Acadia Park in Maine and expect some of their employees to come here soon for the Winter season.


Jasmin has the same TV table as my last roommate. There are 2 elephants on the shelf below the television. I love elephants!

Luckily Jasmin decided to leave the bed in the position I had it. We both like the fact that it leaves more open space in the room. She had to be at work at 6:30am but gets out at 11:30am. She is hoping for more hours on next week’s schedule.

I have a good feeling about this roomie. She seems funny and is comfortable to be around. She is also somewhat of a clean-freak, which is a good thing. It might keep me more organized and less messy. She plans on cleaning out and organizing our community kitchen…oh thank God! One person must think it’s there own personal kitchen because they have boxes of stuff left on the table and extra dishes all over the counter and use most of the cupboards. So if Jasmin wants to tackle the project of making the kitchen more equally divided so everyone in the 4 dorms can use it… I say “you go girl”. She has only been in the room for less than a day..so expect more about Jasmin later.