Yeah I know..that was quick.

Well here are the few pics that I got of her for the short time that she was here.

She was trying to get through to Verizon or At&t (I forget which one) but she was trying to download music apps on her phone and it was taking forever. Now that she is leaving I can bring my refrigerator back into the room. Supposedly my refrigerator made to much noise for her sensitive hearing, so she had it moved into the community kitchen.

This was yesterday, while we were on the employee shuttle heading to Pahrump. I went shopping at Albertson’s. I got lunch at a veteran’s fund raiser near the G.I. Store. Jasmin and a couple of the guys who also went to Pahrump, walked down to a Chinese fast food restaurant to get lunch.

Here she is packing up this morning. She is waiting for the general manager to arrive in his office to let him know that she is leaving. She found out that she can’t leave until tomorrow because the lady who does the paperwork is off today.

So it looks like I will get the room to myself again for a little while. Geez, I have had 5 roommates within the 16+ months that I have been here. I wonder what the next one will be like.