Seeing as the stores are about 90 minutes away, (so 3 hour round trip) and I can’t get to them whenever the mood strikes. I have to plan ahead. So for the last couple days I have been searching online for easy side dishes to make for Thanksgiving. Hopefully I get to squeeze in one more shopping trip before the holiday.

I had even posted a little survey on Facebook to see what friends claim as their favorite side dish. I didn’t get a whole lot of answers but from the ones I did get..mashed potatoes and stuffing won. Not sure why but I was a little surprised. I can have mashed potatoes anytime of year. When I think of a holiday meal I want something different, something special that you only have during the holidays. I love green bean casserole but I ain’t sure why we only have it during the winter holiday season.

And for any vegans reading this…

Now one of those recipes should satisfy someone. I like discovering a new way to make an old favorite food.

If you have never tried this side-dish, then what are you waiting for..its been around since the mid-1950’s. You get the creamy soup, a little crunch on top and bright colored green beans along with extra chewiness if you add more mushrooms. Damn, I am gonna make myself hungry just from typing up this post.

But I got to go into work early today. Working 11:30-8pm instead of the normal 2-10:30pm.