Walked down to the employee dining room (EDR) for lunch because my Fitbit challenge said someone was getting closer to me and I needed an excuse to get more steps in.

Nothing exciting to see on the way down there, as the 2 pictures above prove.

Food on my plate above was the only thing worth eating today for lunch. There were slim pickings to make a gyro also, but I don’t like those. So nothing to exciting inside the EDR either.

The new time schedule for meals, started a couple weeks ago.

Someone started a new puzzle in the EDR… I got a few pieces put together before I walked back home.

These last 2 pictures are from my walk back home. I live on the back side but the glare from the sun made it impossible to get a good picture with my tablet. It’s now almost noon, so I need to get ready for work. As usual, I wait until the last minute to jump in the shower.