My last roommate, Jasmin, gave me her television when she moved to Orlando. So one of the channels that I love to watch is Food Network. The kids on “Chopped JR” are amazing, “Barefoot Contessa” has a variety of interesting shows, and the show “Beat Bobby Flay” doesn’t always pick the winner that I would. Last night (and early this morning) all his shows had a Thanksgiving theme.

Today is my day off, and watched “The Pioneer Woman” as I started typing this blog. Today’s episode has a few different ways to cook chicken, from marinating sauce, southwest chicken tacos, and Chicken Panini along with some kind of muffin that she is rolling in a sugar-cinnamon mix to totally cover the whole muffin (for some reason she keeps calling them “puffs“).

While growing up, I remember that one of my younger brothers liked to cook and told me only men became famous chefs ( with the exception of Julia Child..this was before Martha Stewart got famous) so it’s nice to see more women with shows on food Network now. Barefoot Contessa started in 2002, and Pioneer Woman actually started as a blogger… ☆~Food Network picked up The Pioneer Woman in 2011, but Ree was gaining fame as early as 2006. She began her famous blog, which is also called The Pioneer Woman, early on in the 2000s, and she’s since become one of the most famous female bloggers in the nation.~☆

Not sure which one of her blog posts and/or recipes got Food Networks attention. But if anyone has a food blog and dreams of becoming the next television foodie then you might want to research how she did it.

Well now Guy Fieri is on with “Diners Drive-ins and Dives”. This show has been on since 2006, but it seems more familiar and recognizable then Barefoot Contessa. Guy opened his first restaurant in 1996. Whenever I spend enough time in a new location, I like trying old-fashioned 50’s style diners more than going to a fancy 4+star restaurant. So Guy’s show might tempt you to visit a new location just to try a diner to see if you agree with his opinion of the food.

Its all giving me ideas for my next shopping trip..which happens to be tomorrow. It will probably be my last shopping trip before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately the “Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge” show is on Sunday night, which is after my shopping trip and while I will be at work. I also have to work on Thanksgiving, but I still want to make green bean casserole, cornbread, and some other side dish for my neighbors that share the community kitchen that I use. I’m pretty sure that we will have chicken or Turkey with gravy in the EDR. I just want to make sure that I get to eat some of my favorites also.

What is your favorite thing to eat for Thanksgiving?