There has been some chatter online from different people who want to be writers. Some want to work on some big newspaper or magazines across the country, some want to write a novel, some want to work in businesses writing grants/policies or whatever a business needs written.

Looking through a my old blog posts, I found a couple about if you missed them, the links are below. Unfortunately I have not really been writing the way I wanted. Yes obviously I still have the blog that you’re reading, but all the ideas I have for any book are still just ideas in my head.

My 5th & 6th grade English teacher used to have a box of little 1″ X 1″ pictures cut out of magazines. We had to pick out a picture and write a 2-page story about the picture. I used to love that assignment and always got a good grade on my stories.

Here try it…




Ok, now pick one of the 3 pictures above and tell a story about them.