I am on a time-crunch today. The power will be going out at 6:00am and it’s 5:40am now. So let’s see what I can post in 20 minutes


Some people like writing on hubpages. Some people actually earn money from writing on that site. Personally I ain’t crazy about it and have only have 3 articles (posts) on there. 3 articles in 10 years. The link above is to an article that I did.

In my opinion, hubpages is HARD, to darn hard. It’s like having your worst boss looking over your shoulder telling you that you are not doing something right..saying “do it my way or else you won’t get paid”. Geez, I already have one job..with a pretty good boss. I don’t need another job with such a cranky boss shaking a finger at me.

See if the site doesn’t think that your writing fits their requirements, then they just won’t let you publish/post it. Those requirements are not around here on wordpress. WordPress will let me post whatever I want..

There have been times, whenever I hear of others earning money on the site, that I wonder if maybe the reason that I don’t like the site is because I just ain’t good enough.

Wow..2 minutes to go.

Lights out..see you tomorrow