First the book: A guest in our hotel was carrying this book in her hand when she came into the store. I usually ask every customer what they are reading if I see them with a book. You never know where or when you will find your next favorite book. The lady that had this book was almost finished with it. She came back in later and gave it to me. I am just finally starting it tonight.

“Reading one book, is like eating one potato chip”

A few weeks ago while shopping I was standing in the baking aisle, when someone picked up a box of cornbread mix. They turned toward me and said that brand was the only one she uses anymore because it’s the best (her opinion, not mine). Ok, it’s been years since I made cornbread or muffins, so I got the brand that a stranger recommended.

One box made 10 muffins…I must of filled each muffin to much because the box says it makes 12 standard muffins or 24 mini muffins. It was moist enough that it didn’t crumble all up when you bit into it, but there isn’t enough corn flavor. It needed 2/3 cup of milk and I don’t usually buy cows milk. I had some soymilk and a container of almond/coconut mix…I put soymilk in the muffin mix.

If someone offers me a corn muffin then I want to taste corn flavor. I have 1 more box of this cornbread but I will wait until I can buy cream corn to add to it with shredded cheese…make a Southwest corn muffin.

Hmmm, I have a couple avocados that I have not even looked at since our power outage this week. Now how does avocado and cornbread sound for a late dinner?