I am enjoying the clouds over the mountains around my dorm building. There is a little snow on a few mountains but hard to get it to show up in pictures.

I walked down to the EDR for lunch. The green bean casserole tasted better today than it did yesterday. Unfortunately there wasn’t any leftover sweet potatoes.

So far I am having a lazy day off watching movies on television and typing this during commercials. I was a bit surprised at all the ads on Facebook and the emails I had this morning from businesses trying to sell something on black Friday.

In 1941, Congress made Thanksgiving the 4th Thursday of November. In the 1950s, people began calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving, essentially giving themselves a four-day weekend. Since stores were open, as were most businesses, those playing hooky could also get a head start on their holiday shopping. But the term “Black Friday” as we know it now didn’t actually start until the 1980’s.

While I was growing up most stores in my little area of NH, were closed all day for Thanksgiving. 3 states (Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts) had banned supermarkets and big stores to open on Thanksgiving. It was a day to spend with family. Now it seems stores are starting their black Friday sales on Thursday, right after everyone eats a holiday meal and gives thanks for everything they have in life.

The day after Thanksgiving is probably one of the biggest shopping days of the year. I assume the day after Christmas is also a busy shopping day…with people returning items that other people bought for them on black Friday.

In Vancouver Canada, during 1992, the first “Buy Nothing Day” was organized to make people think about the issues of over-consumerism. A buy-nothing-coat-exchange began in Rhode Island about 20 years ago. Donated coats are collected throughout the month of November and volunteers make sure that people who need a coat gets one after Thanksgiving.

Volunteering to help people sounds better then fighting over toys or electronics in a mall. Some people don’t understand what “peace on earth” means because if they didn’t then we would not hear news stories telling us about shootings or stabbings in toy stores.

I wasn’t thrilled with the crowd in Walmart 2 weeks ago, when it looked like everyone in Pahrump was doing their holiday grocery shopping on the same day. So I sure don’t want to be at Walmart or any other store on “Black Friday”. I am enjoying my lazy day just watching movies.