I was loving all the clouds over the mountains around us. We had clouds all day with a little rain starting at lunchtime. Before we closed the store for the night, we were told that the road to Beatty Nevada was closed. One of our cashiers lives in Beatty, and not sure if the employee shuttle will be able to pick up any employees.

The sweet potatoes were actually better than the green bean casserole.

For my first plate: sweet potato, green bean casserole, stuffing, dark Turkey, strawberries, dinner roll and pumpkin pie.

I got to eat before I went into work, and before it got crowded with guests. Yes I got a whole holiday meal in one day..better than last year.

I call Black Friday “the hypercrit holiday”. I have the day off and will be staying home. Right now, I need to crawl under my electric blanket.

Good Night