Yummy lunch

Leftovers for dinner.

Some of the decorations in the EDR…waiting for someone to set up the tree.

I haven’t really decorated my dorm room with any holiday stuff this season…just not in the mood for it.

Actually I have been wanting to declutter my room, but I am procrastinating and not sure why? I have the weekend off from work and slept alot yesterday (waking up in time for meals). I didn’t even have enough energy or motivation to go on the employee trip to Pahrump.

Seeing as I had dinner around 5:30pm last night and it’s now after 1:00am, I am going to have a bagel with peanut butter. I need to search online for pumpkin recipes because I have 6 cans of pumpkin and I want to make something different. So if anyone reading this has an easy canned pumpkin recipe…please share.