I decided to give myself a Christmas gift. After months of wondering how to get groceries without spending a whole day in Pahrump during our weekly employee shopping trips and making sure that I even get the day off from work. Actually I haven’t gone to Pahrump since before Thanksgiving.

I decided to try out hellofresh. I will be getting 3 meals (only 2 of them fit in my screenshot)

There are other companies that deliver meals and I will try them later. I am excited about getting to try new foods without shopping for a whole Saturday. Hellofresh has meals for 2 or 4 people, so depending on the size of each serving the meals I am getting could be for 1 or 2 meals each. So I could actually have 6 meals. Oh yes 3-6 days without going into the EDR. Heck the pictures of meals look better then most meals in the EDR.

One thing that I like about “hellofresh”, is that it gives you a complete list of what ingredients will & will not be included for your meal. It also gives you a list of kitchen utensils to have on hand…like a peeler, zester, and how many bowls and pans to use for each meal.

If this company actually delivers zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, lemons, fish and sour cream to my location then I will be in heaven. Walmart and Amazon won’t deliver any of those items.

I should receive my first box of meals this Friday. So I can’t wait to start cooking something new this weekend. Hellofresh already has meals scheduled every week on their website and I picked out my meals for the next 4 weeks. I think the Korean beef meal above might be the only beef meal all month.