My first #hellofresh package arrived yesterday evening while I was at work. I came home just before 11pm, and had to open the box because like a kid at Christmas time I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

At the moment, the water in my building has been shut off because of some plumbing problems…which means that I can’t wash dishes.

Above is what came in the box for my 1st meal. Now this meal was supposed to be for 2 people. Maybe I don’t understand the size of a serving but it doesn’t seem like enough food for 2 adults.

The zucchini and the potatoes were supposed to be cooked on a big sheet pan but I don’t own one, so I cooked the zucchini by themselves in a small pan and diced up 3 of the potatoes and just put them in the microwave to cook.

The instructions say to cook the salmon for 3-4 minutes on each side. There is no way that this salmon was going to be totally cooked in 6-8 minutes. I have eaten sushi before in restaurants, but today I wanted my salmon cooked all the way through. The pictures above were taken after the 8 minute cooking limit. Maybe it’s just because I used to always cook salmon in an over with butter, dill, and lemon slices or lemon juice, all wrapped in foil…that I just don’t know what salmon looks like when you cook it on top of the stove. But I will put my next fish in the oven. I will say that the sauce was pretty good.

Sorry but I didn’t get a picture of the finished meal all together. My neighbor, who shares the community kitchen, came into the room to chat. I also don’t have big enough plates to display all the food. I ended up using a paper plate for all the food I cooked…piled on top of each other, so it would have looked like a mountain of zucchini. Hopefully with the next meal, I will remember to use an extra paper plate to show exactly what #hellofresh considers to be 1 serving.

According to the website I am getting 2 servings of 3 I assumed enough food for 6 meals. NOPE…food for 3 meals just for myself.

So if anyone wants to know if #hellofresh is worth their price… well that depends on you. But for me…paying almost $60 for 3 meals, NO it ain’t worth it! I will be searching online for something cheaper.