That is a picture of my luggage when I left Arizona in 2018. Everything I was keeping fit into 2 pieces of luggage and the luggage was small enough to carry onto a plane with me.

I had flown to Boston, then took a bus to see family in NH & ME. In less than a month, I threw some of my stuff out and got a smaller suitcase to fly out West again, ending up in my present location in Death Valley National Park.

My old job in Arizona, is open again. I have been debating on applying for the job. My old job and my present job both have good and bad issues.

One of my issues is…all the darn stuff that I have accumulated since being here. It’s the same issue that I have to deal with at every location I land in, if I am in the same spot for longer than a couple months.

More on this later:



I am watching HGTV before getting ready for work today. OMG, I can’t believe some people now-a-days. As an example, take 2 adults who claim that they want to live together… BUT they each need their own bathroom, their own closet space that looks bigger then a normal sized bathroom, their own office space, some personal space known as the “man-cave” or “she-shed”. Some houses being looked at have a living room, a family room and a bonus room for future kids or guests…oh and let’s not forget the guests need their own bathroom too.

Why do people even live together if they need their own private space? Geez, I had 7 kids and a couple grandkids in 1 house sharing 1 bathroom. Of course I ain’t the best example here, because after years of traveling alone, I don’t even like most roommates. Most roommates never learned how to share a bathroom with almost a dozen people. Roommates can sometimes act like it’s their own private bathroom and fill the bathroom up as if nobody else has bathroom supplies.