One of my bosses took both of the above pictures on Monday: December 23rd. We got a power outtage around 12:30pm. We finally got a new generator and had power back up on Tuesday.. 24 hours later.

Just our luck, power went out again on Tuesday about 8:30pm, so I got out of work early. We had power when I woke up Wednesday, Christmas Day, and then it’s as if the light went out in Rudolph’s nose and everything went dark again before 4:30pm. So we closed the store early again, and went to eat Christmas dinner in the restaurant.

As you can see, I wore an elf costume to work and dinner.

Later as I was getting ready to go to bed early (not much else to do without power)..a neighbor friend took me up to Beatty Nevada. Luckily the road cleared and opened up during the day. But just my luck the family dollar store closed early for the holiday. So I just grabbed bagels at the gas station and trashy magazines at the local candy store.

Well the holiday is finally over, and the power is on. Don’t know for how long. But for now I have to get ready for work and just hope that we have enough guests left behind to be busy tonight.