After a week of a few power outages, this past week, the weekend was beautiful.

I walked out passed the campground…for the first time since living here.

I went out to the airstrip.It was closer than I expected…not sure what I expected.

This is where I turned around to head back, for lunch. I hobbled into the EDR and my boss asked if I was busy later…LOL, business at the store is beyond crazy, but I refused to go in. Instead I went home for a nap. I wanted to soak in Epsom salts but I didn’t even have enough energy to climb into the tub.

Today (Sunday, December 29th) has usually been a day off for me, but I will be working 11:30-8pm. Sitting here with coffee wondering what new changes will happen for this location with the new company in the new year.

That’s a sunrise picture that a neighbor took this morning. No matter what a day ends up bringing you, it starts out beautifully..just need to pass the beauty on to others.