2am and cleaning up bathroom supplies

I got out of work at 10:35pm and I am not tired yet (a busy night at work), so I decided to see if I could clean out (declutter) my bathroom supplies. Luckily I don’t wear makeup everyday..for me makeup is for Halloween or whenever I need a silly costume.

How many vitamins do you take every day…to be honest, sometimes I skip them. But I feel like I should be taking more every day because I know that I don’t eat enough vitamins in my food. What vitamins do you take…and why?
As you can see I like lotions/moisturizers, but there are days that I skip all them too. Actually the red item sitting in the corner is a recycled container that I use to mix up the bentonite clay.

Now if I ever post about having a “spa day” at home..then you better believe that it includes soaking in one of my Epsom salts. This has been one of my newest luxuries that I got into last year. The 2 items hanging on the little shower bar are “skin-so-soft” shower gels that I ordered online from Avon. I have never been in the habit of using conditioner. I just have never personally seen a need for it.

Well I should get ready for bed now…catch you all later.

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