Quite a few people have no idea who they are..have no idea what makes them unique. I can remember my ex-husband doing an assignment for a sociology class where he had to go around and have people fill out a sheet of paper with words to describe or tell who they were.

I don’t remember the outcome of the whole assignment, but there was supposedly a difference between people who filled the paper with words like… son/daughter, brother/sister, spouse, mom/dad, grandparent, student, teacher, catholic, mormon VERSUS words like…creative, independent, bossy, ambitious, political, loyal, humble, competitive, stubborn, organized…etc.

I also remember my mother used to asking me “What makes you tick?” often, when she didn’t understand why I did certain things… like, ok kid what in the world possessed you to make you do that? That being whatever crazy thing that she didn’t agree with.

So if anyone reading my blog posts (and I seem to have new readers in the last few weeks) is wondering about who the writer of these posts are…let me share a few words about my interests, hobbies, whatever keeps me ticking and what makes me unique.

A: Autumn

B: baking

C: crochet

D: dogs

E: elephants

F: French (I want to learn the language)

G: genealogy

H: holistic health

I: independence

J: jigsaw puzzles

K: knitting

L: laughter

M: minimalism

N: nature

O: origami

P: photography

Q: quinoa

R: reading

S: sudoku

T: traveling

U: ukelele (ex-roommate left me one, so I need to learn to play)

V: vegetarian food

W: weightloss

X: ???

Y: yoga

Z: zoos