Most calendars start the week with Sunday, which would make Monday the second day of the I’m not sure why Sunday is considered a weekend day. Anyways my work starts the new work week on Mondays which makes it the first day of the pay-week.

I always hear people say that they hate Mondays, and wish they could just skip it. Even if you slept through a Monday then that would make Tuesday your first day of the week and you would soon hate Tuesdays. I don’t get it…I don’t understand hating a certain day of the week whether it’s the first day or last day of a week.

Maybe it’s because I mostly try to wake up and go to sleep about the same time every day. For some things I like keeping a constant routine. My boss has changed my work schedule for Sundays for a couple weeks. So far I am adapting. Today was pretty slow at work..obviously the holiday season is over. I had time to start organizing and restocking our supply of magnets to sell.

One of my coworkers likes putting vanilla ice cream in her coffee. I guess it’s not much different than using creamer. But if the only way that you can wake up on a Monday morning is to know that you can start your day with coffee and dessert..give it a try.

Mondays must be a good starting point for trying something new. How many diets start on a Monday? How many people join a gym on Monday compared to other days?

Hope you all had a good Monday.