You know those days when you make a to-do list and at the end of the day you realize that you did none of it.

Today feels like one of those days for me. Luckily I have split days off this week, so while my coworkers are getting ready to head into work now, I went back to bed after lunch.

Now last night when I got out of work, I had told myself that I would spend today cleaning out my closets. I have a closet in the community kitchen and I have another closet in my room that I use for food/drinks. I guess you could call it a pantry closet.

It’s after 2pm, and I haven’t even opened a closet today. I am the queen of procrastination most days and today was no exception to that. But surprisingly I am now motivated to start on the closet in my room… just so I can post a picture of it with this blog post later. Hey, whatever it takes to give you the motivation to do something a good thing. Yes, I have a habit of taking lots of random photos.


I have 2 hours before a new episode of the show “My 600 Pound Life” is on, so let’s see if I have enough energy to re-organize this closet before that show starts. I realize that it looks like a small closet..because it is. Yes, it will take me a whole 2 hours to do this 1 closet. I work move stuff out and then gather other items in my room that should be in this closet for about 15 minutes then I sit and rest (waste time online) before getting up to take trash outside. I walk pretty slow because it hurts to move around.

I will probably eat dinner at home instead of walking down to the EDR. I wasn’t crazy about the sweet and sour chicken with brown rice that was served for lunch today. It was a little to sweet. Besides it gets chilly once the sun goes down, so I have no reason to be cold.


This is the bottom of the closet: where I store 2 bottles of lemon juice, some mini bottles of water that a roommate left behind, ice tea drink, and my supply of V-8 that I ordered online. I have regular V-8 and some new V-8 Energy drinks. I won’t have to worry about getting dehydrated, that’s for sure.

I am posting this before I finished the closet..but for now I want to finish eating and then start laundry. Yes I have a bad habit of jumping from one project to another without finishing the first one. But I will get back to the closet and have it done before I go into work tomorrow.