Today at work I was givin a customer directions to a specific area in the park. I also gave him the park guide that has a map in the middle. When I finished, he asked me if I was from Massachusetts. So I told him that I was from New Hampshire about 2 hours north of Boston.

After he left, I stopped to think about what directions I had given him. I was trying to figure out what gave away my origin. I am not used to people correctly guessing where I am from. Unless I am leaving all the “R’s” out of words or adding them into words that have none.

We have a server in our restaurant from New Jersey. I love listening to her talk. Especially when she gets excited about something. It’s like listening to an old movie with some gangsta mob…or Marisa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinny”.

I got 2 different results with this, because I changed one answer for question #12. So with the answer shown below, it gave me the “North Central” result. When I answered yes, it gave me the result “West”.

Ok, I live in California now…but nowhere near a beach.

This quiz was interesting.

Even though I am originally from New England, I seem to travel around often. I usually like picking up new words for something. In 2006, I went to Tennessee for 3 months. When shopping, you look for the metal wired thing on wheels to put your groceries into… what do you call it? Well in Tennessee, it’s a buggy. That used to crack me up. I kept trying to picture an Amish person tying their horse to it. If anyone from Tennessee is reading this..SORRY. Just because I am from New England, that doesn’t mean I call it a carriage either. Nope I ain’t loading up my “shopping cart” with a bunch of babies.