Got picture from a real estate site

I am going away for a week. I get to relax near the Colorado River and spend time eating new food. I have been checking menus online at some of the restaurants in Laughlin, so I will know where I want to eat. Hopefully my daughter wants to go on a 2-hour dinner cruise Monday night. So expect food pics during the next week.

I will get a ride with our company’s laundry truck to Vegas, where my daughter will pick me up and drive me to Laughlin. My daughter will drop me off while she goes to visit her ex-sister-in-law, then she will come back to Laughlin on Monday.

So during the weekend, I need to buy shoes. The shoes that I usually wear to work are killing my feet and are getting worn out. No need of dragging my daughter into a shoe store while I figure out what to buy. So I will go shoe shopping before she returns to Laughlin.

Now on to the roommate:

We have 2 porters here that are roommates. 1 of them used to work in retail with me but she changed jobs a week or 2 ago. Anyways the 2 ladies are not close friends and never will be. One thing about seasonal jobs in a national park is that you are usually forced to have strangers for roommates. Sometimes you get a good roommate and sometimes you don’t.

L.R. won’t be moving into my room until after I get back from my vacation…depending on what happens with the roommate she has at the moment. Her present roomie has only been here a week or 2, but quite a few people are already hoping that she gets fired.

More about this new possible roommate later. For now I have to finish packing my backpack.