Omelette is made to order here. The brown rectangle is banana bread and the roll is a blueberry blintzes.

Wow, fried chicken, ham and veggies for breakfast. Anything goes for breakfast here. I won’t need to eat again today.

Another omelette: with yogurt and muffin… I am getting full now

I like buffets for the fact that you can try a more variety of foods, but they are not good for anyone on a diet. I have been on vacation for 3 days so far and probably gained 10 pounds.

I must have had a gallon of coffee with breakfast. The server was great about refilling my cup everytime he walked by. Seeing as I need to find a bathroom now and I want to go check out the gift shops in this casino hotel… I am going to break a buffet rule. I will stick the blueberry muffin into my purse and save it for later.