That’s a water taxi in the river yesterday. There really wasn’t much activity on the river this week. I guess I was used to being here during the Summer years ago because I expected more people out.

My daughter looking across the parking lot

I have to check out of my hotel in a few hours. Then I will call a taxi to take me to the greyhound bus station in Bullhead City, which is just on the other side of the river. Check-out is at 11am Nevada time and I think the bus leaves around 7pm Arizona time so I have a long wait. I will be in Vegas later for just 1 night. Hopefully the Silverton Casino has a room available. I get picked up at the Silverton tomorrow by a coworker driving the company laundry truck, so it just makes sense to stay there tonight.

My daughter took this picture

My daughter left yesterday morning because she had to be at work today, in NH.
Oh vacations can be nice, but a week in Laughlin is a bit long. I will be glad to be home tomorrow. I go back to work on Saturday.