Well I found out that Bullhead City no longer has a greyhound bus STATION. Supposedly a bus will stop near a Carl’s Jr restaurant…but no station to wait in or buy tickets from. Either Greyhound or the town of Bullhead City, expect you to buy tickets online ahead of time. Even if I had gotten a ticket online, I wasn’t in the mood to sit in a fast food restaurant for 7-8 hours waiting for a bus. So after getting something to eat, a worker at Carl’s Jr called a taxi for me. Yes I ended up taking a taxi from Bullhead City to Las Vegas, straight to my hotel… over an hour and a half ride. We got held up in traffic in Henderson Nevada, because of an accident. This was the longest and most expensive taxi ride I ever had, it cost me $200.

I always like watching the fish in the huge aquarium. Obviously you can see some of the slot machines in the casino glaring on the glass.

I think this hotel is newer than the one that I stayed in when I was in Laughlin. It seems more modern and the carpet is in better condition. My only complaint about Silverton is that there is no coffeemaker in the rooms. There is room service here and a small pot of coffee cost $5.