Well we are about to finish the first month of 2020. Today is also my dad’s 76th birthday. Seeing as I live in California and dad lives in New England, I had to message my step-sister on Facebook to have her give him my message. I don’t have a phone and dad doesn’t have Facebook.

One of my favorite shots of myself with my daughter, taken on my vacation this month. It was the first time that I had ever gone to a Bubba Gump restaurant. I don’t really eat shrimp, but they also have fish meals and yummy clam chowder.

Yesterday I saw an article about “healthy wage”. It’s one of those sites where you bet money on how much weight that you want to lose. I have 2 cousins that tried it and they have both won over $1,300 doing it. I would love to lose weight this year (so far, not doing good) but if I could also win money while doing it, then that sounds really good too. So if anyone reading this has any experience with healthy wage, please let me know how this worked for you.

I got those 2 crochet books above, from Amazon today. Now I have no excuse for not finishing my projects..”some” of the yarn I have is below.

Anyways the weather was wonderful today. I wish today’s weather would last all year, but I know that in another 1.5 months I will start whining about the heat.