Yes it’s leap year, this year. We get an extra day this month and my cousin, Linda, can actually celebrate her birthday on the correct day. It always seemed weird that we didn’t have 13 months in a year with exactly 28 days. 13 X 28=364 a normal year without leap day has 365 days, so one month would still be a little off.

my healthy wage page

Yes, I finally decided to bite-the-bullet and sign up for a year on the healthy wage site. 70 lbs in a year.. I can’t remember the last time I weighed 70 pounds less than I do right now. It was probably around the time I was pregnant with my middle daughter. It was a time when I lived in a small New England town without a restaurant nearby. Now-a-days food is to readily available any time of day.

I just need to make a video of myself stepping onto the scales in front of a full-length mirror. Seeing as I have no such mirror, this means I need to carry my scales down to the employee gym. Maybe I will get one of my coworkers to help with this.

This morning I am riding to Pahrump with a friend. He wants to get a haircut and I need to buy more yogurt and find something to use for a wreath. I want to decorate the employee dining room later this month. I will also be checking out the prices on digital cameras and comparing them to what I found on Amazon.