I bought 2 different brands of greek yogurt on Saturday. The dannon Greek yogurt was the cheapest at $3.47 for a 4-pack. Instantly I noticed a difference in taste when I put the first spoonful into my mouth. There are 9 grams of carbs in this blueberry flavor. But I am thinking that it’s the sucralose or some artificial flavors that I am not used to.I have loved chobani yogurt for years. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors. Chobani cost $3.96 for the 4-pack. This flavor has about 15-16 grams of carbs. There is evaporated cane sugar instead of sucralose in this yogurt, but like I said it’s my favorite flavor.

Oikos 2020 super bowl commercial Yogurt even got a spot during this years super bowl. I have heard it being called the “bubble butt ad” and the “salute to glutes”.