As of the time I am typing this we have been without power for about 36 hours. I am only able to post this because a neighbor plugged his generator into the wifi box in the employee lounge.

Apparently 2 drunk employees got into a physical fight in the lounge late last night or early this morning and 2 other guys from the maintenance crew had to come in this morning to clean it up. The 2 drunk employees have now been fired. Because of so many negative things that seem to happen in the lounge late at nights, the lounge will be locked up at 10pm until further notice.

Random shots while in employee lounge today

Without power, employees have no television, no music, no wifi, and no brain cells…or at least not enough to find something to do except, drink until they can’t think.

It amazes me when people come into our store during a power outtage and get upset because we won’t let them open the cooler doors to grab alcohol. (OMG, why must alcohol be the most important item in our store during every power outtage?) Oh a few people have tried, but when they carry the alcohol to the counter near my register I move it away, out of their reach. I then tell them that I refuse to reward bad behavior. The “bad behavior” being…their inability to read posted signs and listen to spoken orders. Oh yes they get upset and start sputtering. I tell them to go right ahead and sputter, my kids hated it when I told them no too. But they learned that my no meant no.

We closed the store 3 hours early last night and I assume that we will close early again tonight. Last night guests in our hotel were running to the front lobby asking for extra blankets because they were cold. Even some employees were saying that their dorm rooms were cold. I never even had my heater turned on this Winter, so either I am tougher than I thought or most people here are a bunch of whimps. The resort at Furnace Creek isn’t expecting any repairs to even START until after 3pm tomorrow.

My schedule got changed this week and I have tomorrow and Thursday off, so I will be riding up to Beatty Nevada, in the morning on the employee shuttle. I will come back home Thursday evening.