Yes Beatty gets colder then Death Valley. Even though Beatty is about half-hour away, it’s because of the higher elevation. Cold enough to snow and leave ice in spots for days.

This is the side next to the street. They sell candy and even though they have the words “Death Valley” on the building, it’s in Beatty. The community just likes to brag that they are a gateway into the national park.

This is where I spent my weekend. I will ride home tomorrow with a coworker that lives in this town. She has to drive to Stovepipe to be at work at 2:30, so I will have time to grab lunch after I check out of my hotel room. If you were searching on a map this town is between Las Vegas and Tonopah Nevada.

I had a Bourbon Chicken skillet for dinner last night, at the Denny’s restaurant.

I assume that is an abandoned building in town but I like the mural painted on the side. It was a nice weekend but I will be glad to get home. Stovepipe has a new generator and everything should be back to normal now.