I have woken up with heartburn twice this year (so far). Both times it was after eating alot of junk late at night, right before going to bed to sleep. Yes I know that I should eat chocolate donuts at night…to many carbs and bakery-type items like donuts never did settle very well if I ate them before going to bed.

Last night I wasn’t feeling so good, so I skipped dinner (even though coworkers told me that Chinese food was in the EDR) and only ate a yogurt and a package of crackers with peanut butter. This morning I woke up and can feel a cold sore coming on my top lip. Oh that will be a good way to start my week at work. There also seems to be something up with my right ear. It’s starting to feel like I am traveling down to a lower/higher elevation. I have been home for over 16 hours..so that can’t be it. Hopefully I ain’t getting an ear infection.

Seeing as I fell asleep early last night, I woke up early today. I made coffee before 5am. Now getting my laundry together to start that. Oh so glad that power is back on so I can do laundry. One good thing about getting up so early is that I don’t have to worry about anyone else using the washer at this time of day. Now that the power is back on, I can get all my laundry finished this morning. Starting to think that I have gotten to many clothes. Time to weed out the closet again.

With all the wind we got the last few days during our power outage, I also need to sweep / dust. I got sand everywhere..course what do I expect living in a desert.