Some people love this holiday and some people hate it. I will agree that it’s overly commercialized, and I would bet that hallmark and flower shops love it.

But what exactly does love mean to you? You can love your family, you can love thy neighbor, or you might love pets more than people, you can love your favorite restaurant, some can even say they love their job and coworkers.

EDR: employee dining room

I finally got some decorations together and walked down to the EDR after breakfast to spread some love around. I hadn’t done this for a couple months, so it was time to liven up the room again. When I went back for lunch later, it was nice to hear the other employees express their gratitude for it.

While I was putting decorations out, the kitchen manager saw me. He cleaned off the chalkboard and gave me permission to write whatever I wanted. So with just a few minutes I came up with “Love makes the world go around” and then decided to add 4 employee-couples names in the corners. On such short notice that was as good as I could get.

This creation was partly made by someone else. My friend, Jack, works in the maintenance department… and he had given me his daughter’s business card. His daughter is a teacher in Texas and is trying to start her own business selling “bows”, on etsy. I got the flowers and twig wreath from Walmart the last time I went to Pahrump.

My friend, Katie, posted this picture today with a note saying “Happiness is a choice and love to the fullest “. Yes Katie, I got the title of this blog post from you. Love ya… so have a happy day.

The above random pic was from a screenshot of my grandson’s Facebook post today. My oldest grandson just turned 21 a few days ago.

My grandson, Christopher