(3/1) I did a little sight-seeing with my roommate.

This is where I had to stop. I can’t step up that high and I would have killed my knee being in the position that Patty is in. I also would have taken forever to figure out how to stand back up after kneeling like that.

So even though I wished that there was another way around, I had to stop. I told Patty to go on around the next corner to see what was there. I was happy right where I was taking a bunch of pictures…trying out different settings to find the best way to get a pic with the sunlight and shadows. It’s going to take me months to figure this camera out.

Soon after we got home, I got a message from work asking me if I remembered that my schedule had been changed and telling me that I was now late. OH CRAP! Bosses need to stop changing my schedule around..I want the same schedule every week. Somehow I need to remember that I go into work next Sunday at 11am instead of the usual 2:30pm. So I hurried off to work without my hoodie..it was very windy and started raining while I was at work.

Dark clouds at lunchtime

It didn’t take long for the weather to change…only about 2 hour difference between the nice blue sky and dark cloudy pics,

Cold and a little snowy on the mountain tops this morning. (3/2)

My roommate works as a housekeeper here. I wouldn’t want her job any day, but especially after a good sandstorm. It must be a pain in the @$$ to sweep and dust every room.