How do you survive if you share a room with someone who likes a different temperature than you do?

Temperature has been in the high-70’s to mid-80’s during the daytime since our sandstorm and short power outtage earlier this week. But the minute the sun sets, it gets cooler out real fast.

Even when its breezy outside, my roomie will turn on the a/c and my fan and I come home from work to a chilly room. I had to get my electric blanket out of my car and bring it back inside. I don’t like living in a sauna but I also don’t want to live in a freezer.

With all that said, it might surprise you that I have been looking at jobs in Alaska. Yes, Alaska is cold, but that’s what jackets and electric blankets are for. I remember when I stayed at a hostel in Anchorage in the Spring of 2012, it was cold in my opinion but some girl insisted on opening windows all night. I didn’t have an electric blanket at that time.

For my next trip to Alaska, I have been looking at jobs in the Southeast area. You know…all those island above Washington up near Canada. One thing about being in Death Valley is that I miss being around water. I don’t really swim but I have always found water to be relaxing.

Maybe its because I am a pisces. Oh and by they way, my newest grandson, Bryson, is also a pisces. He was born on March 3rd.

EDIT: it has reached 88° today in Death Valley. My tablet says its 33° in Juneau and a high of 18° in Anchorage.