Have you ever watched an episode of “Hoarders”? If you have, then what’s your solution to the problem on any random show? A bulldozer or huge bonfire maybe.

I hate packing or sorting through my stuff. My ways of thinking about stuff starts to remind me of some people on that television show.

Why do I have so much?

1. Sometimes I shop when bored.

2. I stock up on stuff for later use..like laundry soap and food to stock-up on between shopping trips, which can be months between each shopping trip.

Why am I decluttering every year?

1. Less space…either I get a new roommate or I move

2. I can’t find something that I need

Well I have signed up for the employee shopping trip on Saturday the 14th. I need new socks and batteries. You would be surprised how fast batteries run out in flashlights and fans. When we seem to have power outtages every month I want to make sure that I am prepared.

I keep buying cheap socks..and they keep getting holes in them. I just bought these in January while I was on vacation in Laughlin, NV. My daughter thought it was weird that I was buying socks and I thought she was weird for not wearing socks.

Years ago I could only wear black and plain very dark blue socks to work. So now I like to add color to my life with crazy colorful socks. No matter how negative the day gets, I can try and hang my head down to avoid situations and will see some bright cheery colors sticking out of my shoes and it will bring a smile to my face.

So yes, I will be buying a bunch of colorful socks…even if they don’t match anything else in my closet. Hey some people need to run to the liquor store after work. I just need to kick off my shoes, put my feet up and smile at whatever colors I have for the day.

Well I need to head out to work soon. I think this will be the last week that I have to close the store. Boss said he would put me on the mid-shift soon. There’s some issues going on with closing, that I don’t want to deal with anymore.

Only 65 degrees out today..supposedly rain & snow is hitting the mountains later, and knowing my roomie the a/c will be on when I get home tonight. I remembered to get the electric blanket ready just in case.