That was part of the paper goods aisle in Walmart today. Obviously nobody is washing dishes because they are grabbing paper plates.

Hand soap was hard to find. Luckily I wasn’t planning on getting any today, but I did buy one container of coconut body wash. I also bought one bottle of Tea Tree Mint Shampoo…I love the smell of that stuff. There seemed to be enough shampoo lined up on the shelves. I guess people aren’t worried about washing their hair.

Just one of many random shoppers who had bottled water and a bunch of paper products. I started wondering if everyone expected their faucets to quit working.

The low supply of pasta sauce surprised me. I guess if everyone gets quarantined, they will be eating pasta for awhile.

At least I remembered to get guacamole to go with my 3 bags of pork rinds.

First time I noticed the greeter checking EVERYONE’S cart with receipts today. Usually they don’t ever check mine, but today they stopped everyone.

I had some time before the employee shuttle had to bring us back to Death Valley, so I was able to go across the parking lot to see what it was like in Albertson’s. Well the shelves were stocked there. So if you really need to shop…. skip Walmart. Just go to your local grocery store instead.

On the way home, I realized that I forgot batteries. I wanted them for my flashlights and portable fan. I will have to order them online. Our general manager said that today will be the last group trip for awhile..until this coronavirus epidemic is over. That’s ok, I would rather stay home and shop online anyways.

Had to go to work soon after I got back from shopping. The HR lady said that the companies that run conseccessions in the national parks are on a hiring freeze. That means nobody new will be hired until coronavirus is under control. But that whoever is already working will keep their job.

Ooh lights just flickered. It’s been windy most of the day, hopefully the power stays on. I don’t want my eggs, chicken or guacamole to go to waste.