Tuesday night my roommate mentioned that we were having a meeting the next morning. I knew different rumors had been going around so I decided to send my boss a Facebook message to see what he knew. Sure enough we should find out everything that we need to know at our 10:00am meeting yesterday (Wednesday)

Wasn’t anything else I could do at that moment, so I watched a movie “A League of Their Own”. It’s one of those movies that I don’t mind seeing half a dozen times. I got up early and did a small load of laundry before the meeting.

I wanted to make a new breakfast shake this. I put some of my coffee, almond milk, and protein powder into the cup section of my magic bullet and then went searching for the cover that has has the blades to screw onto the top of the cup…can’t find it anywhere. So I ended up drinking it without blending it all up. Seeing as I drink black coffee..this was not my favorite cup of coffee. If/when I find all the parts to my magic bullet, I will try this again with some other stuff added into a breakfast shake. Maybe even have my roomie brew up some of her coffee…because she makes very strong coffee and I am thinking that I need stronger coffee if I am adding stuff into it.

Will finish this after my meeting:

Well that was the worst meeting ever! Because of our company’s greed during the coronavirus epidemic, the employees here at Stovepipe Wells were told that we had to pack up all our belongings and leave property by Monday at 5pm. Yup, 4 days to pack and figure out where to move. Obviously the company I work for doesn’t care about its employees at all. Obviously they don’t care that the governor of California is advising everyone to stay home..well I guess that advice doesn’t apply to the newly homeless.

I was perfectly fine dealing with all the coronavirus news, but I will admit that since being told that I have to pack up and move when I have no idea where I will move to…well that’s stressful. I hate packing.

I had my last night of work, Wednesday night, so I am now unemployed. It was a slow night with some customers a little confused on why our restaurant was closed. We had one older gentleman come into the store claiming that he has been away for 2 months without news, so he knew nothing about the coronavirus until today. For some reason I find it hard to believe that he never saw a newspaper or heard a radio for 2 months or went to any public place and heard random conversations about it. Believe me, this guy didn’t look like he had been camping in the woods away from civilization for 2 months.