Actually I have been here about 11 days now…

Not sure how the old saying “bored to death” came about, but if you could actually die of boredom then I would have died this week. It’s more like you are just so bored that you might wish you could drop dead, to get out of the misery of being bored.

See without any television, radio or internet at home I am totally B-O-R-E-D. I will die of boredom long before I die of any virus.

Anyways it’s colder here during the night and early in the mornings, than I expected. I turn the little portable heater on after the sun goes down at night.. sometimes after 8pm. That way my room will be warm while I am sleeping. I did not expect it to be so windy and cold here.

I have walked over to the family dollar store a few times. It’s only about a 5 minute walk and it’s a definite upgrade from the store in Stovepipe Wells. With this store so close, I won’t need to keep a 2-month supply of bathroom items or stock up on so many snacks.

I walk by this clock on my way to the family dollar store.