Now that I have been in my new location for 2 weeks, I have been wondering how to fill up the hours of my days. What in the world do retired people do all day? Yes I realize that during “normal” retirement, people have the option of doing different activities in their community, but right now most of the community has shutdown.

Without television, internet or even a radio at home, I have not kept up with all the news. I have no idea what’s going on in the political world or what the latest coronavirus thing is. I spent the first week reading books, doing word puzzles or playing hearts and candy crush on my tablet. Believe me that got a little boring after awhile. So I ended up sleeping more than usual.

This was not how I ever imagined retirement to be. If the coronavirus is going to keep the country shutdown and me without a job for a few months then I really need to think of activities for a new routine.

I saved my supply of yarn and 2 crochet books. You know how you tell yourself that you will start a new project when you have more time. Well now thanks to the coronavirus, I have all day and I still haven’t started a new project. Someday when this whole epidemic is over, I am hoping that Beatty will continue having the monthly craft sale in town. I really want to be ready with a few different items to sell. So I need to get busy doing something if I hope to sign up for the sales as soon as it starts back up.

Oh my God, retirement (unemployment) turned me into my parents. I love reading and crocheting just like my mother. I am getting excited about a garden just like my father. I even went and bought a little herb garden kit and some flower seeds from the family dollar store last week. I wanted to start a little garden area outside near my steps in front of my porch, but my neighbors cats seem to think that area is their litter box. My ex-roommate (who is now another neighbor) said to put crushed red pepper around in the dirt… to keep the cats away. I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know if that really works. It’s been rainy a few days this week and I didn’t the rain to wash the crushed pepper away as soon as I sprinkled it on the ground. Supposedly cats don’t like spicy peppers… but if anyone has other ideas on how to keep cats from using an area as a litter box, please let me know.

Luckily there is a Subway at the local gas station and it’s open during this crazy time. It changed to shorter hours and won’t let you eat inside but that’s alright. At least I can still order food and eat it right outside by the building while I use their wifi to check messages online. I have to get online to check on any updates with unemployment. I realize that thousands of people are probably trying to get unemployment right now, so it’s taking longer than usual..but the government should have thought of that when they decided to close up most of our jobs. Maybe the government should try paying for food and rent with no money. Actually I am lucky enough to have a little money saved so I won’t have to worry about rent for a few months. But hopefully it won’t take that long to actually start receiving my unemployment.

Hoping someone knows what this plant / cactus is.. I found it on my walk up to the post office this morning.