As most of you know, I have been without a phone since mid-summer in 2018..soon after I arrived at Stovepipe Wells. I finally decided that I needed one after moving to Beatty Nevada and I no longer had free Wi-Fi at home. I have been on a whole other level of social distancing. If I wanted to talk to

anyone then I was needing to put socks on my hands to use as puppets just so I could convince myself that I was writing a play instead of going crazy. Unfortunately my new phone won’t let me sign into the email or Facebook page that I usually use. I had to make a whole new email just to activate the new phone; and make a new Facebook page.

Friday, April 10th, I was walking up to the Family Dollar store to buy this new phone and I saw a truck across the street selling stuff. Seeing as I got nosy I went to check it out. So glad that I did. OMG, fresh produce!! Maybe not as much as Walmart or Albertsons, but enough to satisfy me.

Then yesterday, my boss from Stovepipe Wells picked me up and took me with him to Albertsons in Pahrump. Now remember I was in the habit of shopping maybe every other month when I lived in the national park. Anyway yesterday was probably one of my best shopping trips. Now if you have gone through kindergarten, then you were told how to wait your turn for something, told not to be so grabby and run up to something to get it before anyone else could, how to wash our hands and cover our mouths before coughing. So why is it that it takes a virus to actually make us put those lessons into practice? I could not believe how respectful that people were to everyone else. Unfortunately I believe, that as soon as this coronavirus mess is over, people will just go back to being their normal self-centered shoppers.

OK, this is my first post from my new phone…let’s see how this works. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. “*EDIT*” I don’t like the way this phone chops pictures in WordPress.