Have you all gone crazy yet, from being locked-in at home? Not sure why I keep seeing stories online about people losing their minds just because they are spending more time at home. All I can assume is that people must not really like their home. Just because you should physically stay 6 feet away from anyone else, does not mean you can’t Skype with a friend online. Geez, I thought all the social media sites were invented to bring people together when they couldn’t actually be physically together.

It was 45 degrees outside when I first woke up today. Where oh where did my Death Valley heat go? I really didn’t expect Beatty to be so cold. So this morning, I decided to try out my new electric skillet and make myself a nice hot meal. Yes this was breakfast and lunch.

Since getting evicted from the national park, I don’t have a community kitchen to use anymore. In fact I have no kitchen at all. So I bought the electric skillet from Walmart to use in the single room that I now call home.

I also have an Aroma rice cooker/steamer that I have not used yet. I received a cookbook to use with it, in the mail yesterday. The cookbook even says that you can bake a potato in it. I would never have thought of that. I found a chicken recipe in the book that I want to try. It uses FARRO in the recipe, and I don’t think I have ever eaten that before never mind cooked with it. But if I try it out then I will post about it here.


Hopefully that link works

… the new phone makes blogging a bit different than my tablet. But my tablet doesn’t get wifi at home. In order to use my tablet online, I would have to walk up to the local gas station and subway. It’s not really essential to use the tablet today. Maybe tomorrow “if” I walk up to the post office. See in Beatty, nobody gets mail at home…we all have to pick up our mail at the post office. So I guess that is an essential trip outside.

At 7pm, the weather outside seems pleasant now at 66 degrees. My phone says it will get back down to the mid 40’s by the time I wake up tomorrow..so tomorrow I may just go across the street to the laundromat and save the walk to the post office for Monday. It is more essential that I do laundry soon, before I run out of clean clothes.