Yes I know that I said that I was going to do my laundry yesterday. But when I actually woke up yesterday I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere so I stayed home. Finally found some motivation to walk over today.

I wandered around outside while I waited for my small load of clothes to wash. There were a couple other people waiting in their cars. There is plenty of room inside but I am assuming that nobody wants to be in a room with anyone else. So I waited outside to check out flowers, a pile of nuts that I assume someone left for birds or squirrels, and took a few pictures outside.

The last person left when I was putting my clothes into the dryer so then I stayed inside. It cost a quarter for 6 minutes in the dryer. I had a small load but no way was my clothes going to be done in 6 minutes. After the first 12 minutes, I thought maybe there was something wrong with the dryer so then I switched to another dryer, and stuck 2 quarters in for another 12 minutes. Well after $1.00 for the dryer, my clothes were still not dry. I didn’t bring anymore change with me so I brought my damp clothes home and hung them up in my shower to finish drying.

It’s a good thing that I don’t own very many clothes and most of them are dark colors. Mostly my pants are black or 3 wild crazy colored leggings. Most of my shirts that I kept when I moved are blue, gray, purple, black and I kept 2 green shirts because they are comfortable. All the other colors are gone. Oh yeah, clothes got downsized ALOT. Makes laundry easier.

Now the link above is just 1 post from a guy living in New Jersey, but check out his other posts. I found his blog today and when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting anything in your home..he just might know more than Martha Stewart. He posts ALOT, so I will be spending more time reading his stuff.