When I had moved to Beatty, I had to re-learn how to live without an actual separate room for a kitchen. Food is one of our basic needs and I always find a way to eat, no matter where I am. Of course some days I eat more then I should and other days I am lucky to remember to eat one meal during a whole day.

Seeing as I don’t need the whole dresser for clothes, I am using the bottom two drawers for food. Without a kitchen I don’t have kitchen cupboards. I still have cans of tuna fish, V8 juice and stuff to make protein shakes in boxes from when I moved here last month. Remember I was used to shopping once every other month so I was in the habit of stocking up on those items.

For many years I have been interested in “tiny homes”, that you can now find all over the internet. Well in a way I now have one. Just got to declutter more stuff and make it work for me.

Luckily I don’t need lots of dishes seeing as I live alone. I own just 1 coffee mug but somehow have collected 4 travel water bottles, that all sit on the night stand between the dresser and my bed. For some reason I remember my parents and their siblings having enough cups and dishes for an Army. I know because I was the one washing them.

Well it’s almost lunch time. Think I will open a can of tuna fish and just mix it with the tomatoes and diced up avocado.